Fraunhofer IWES joins Hyphen project in Namibia

The Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy Systems (IWES) will work on planning the wind farm as part of Hyphen’s green hydrogen project.

The scale of the project poses significant challenges for current site assessment methods, meaning that Fraunhofer IWES will use innovative and precise approaches for wind field calculations to optimise yield.

The area where the wind farm will be located is on the coast south of Lüderitz, which has distinctive climatic conditions. By leveraging data from global reanalysis data sources, Fraunhofer IWES will be able to make precise wind field calculations down to a few kilometres. The team will focus on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) of wind in complex terrains as well as seasonal and daily influences on wind patterns to ensure the best possible use of Namibia’s wind resource.

ENERTRAG will provide measurement data that will be integrated into simulations, enabling correlation and calibration with the work of Fraunhofer IWES.

Marco Raffinetti, CEO of Hyphen, said: “The team at the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy Systems IWES brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Hyphen, and will help drive our project forward using innovative techniques and first-class analysis. It is vital that we harness the power of Namibia’s wind and sun to create huge benefits for the country and its citizens, and we are pleased to welcome the institute on board.”

Dr Bernhard Stoevesandt, Head of Department Aerodynamics, CFD, and Stochastic Dynamics, Fraunhofer IWES, explained: “The proper assessment of a site is key to the economic success of a wind farm. The computational simulation methods allow local and time-dependent analysis of the yields for all wind turbine locations in a project of this scale. This makes it possible to minimize the risks of the project in accordance with the latest R&D findings. We are looking forward to working together closely with ENERTRAG on the Hyphen project.”

Ulrich Heindl, Head of Department, Energy Systems, ENERTRAG, said: “We are looking forward to collaborating closely with Fraunhofer IWES, drawing upon their experience and expertise in wind field analysis. Leveraging their vast knowledge gained from years of pioneering research, we are confident about achieving the optimal yield for our ambitious project. This collaboration marks a significant step towards mitigating planning risks and ensuring the best business case for the Hyphen project.”